MBAs That Let You Skip The GMAT

Standardized tests such as the Graduate Management Admission Test and the Graduate Record Examination not your forte? Don’t let that dissuade you from pursuing an online MBA program. Schools are simplifying admissions and you may be surprised to find out the number of top programs that are saying yes to test waivers.

For applicants who have multiple years of professional work experience — and maybe even other advanced degrees or certifications — some schools are making it less cumbersome to get in by waiving the GMAT requirement for their online MBA.

Says Christine Estoye, online MBA program manager at the University of Tennessee-Martin’s College of Business: “For students, it becomes another box you don’t have to check.” She says that’s why UT-Martin began offering an entrance exam waiver a few years ago.

But if you’re looking for an exam exemption, tread carefully. Most schools report very lofty requirements that applicants must meet in order to qualify. What’s more, exams are mostly waived on a very stringent case-by-case basis.

Let’s face it. Some people simply aren’t good at taking tests. Schools recognize this — and what’s more, given the widespread belief in a “holistic approach” to admissions, a GMAT or GRE score suddenly becomes less of the end-all, be-all for applicants. Schools readily acknowledge that exams are just one indicator of a candidate’s fit for a program.

They also acknowledge that for professionals with multiple years of work experience — the primary demographic for online graduate business programs — a GMAT or GRE turns into extra busy work when the real-world experience they’d bring to a program is likely more valuable than saying they scored over a certain number on a test.


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